Coming Soon

For cues into what’s gonna be coming up next on the blog, don’t miss the ‘Coming Soon’ page!

Now, a run down on what y’all are likely to see on WBC blog anytime from now…especially if you stay locked on!

1. An exclusive interview with Makosi Musambasi, an ex-housemate Big Brother UK. Find out how she’s related to Nigerian music icon, Tuface Idibia, and the extent she goes to make her hair.

2. An exclusive behind-the-scene interview and hangout with Nigeria’s rising pop group, Plus One and how they’ve thrived in the industry and their awards so far!

3. Don’t miss WBC’s exclusive interview with Nancy Ginindza, one of South Africa’s outstanding music performers.

Also on the list is Whiz Kid, Jay Martins, Bode Ojo (Golden Icons), Nenna Yvonne, Trybson Dudukoko, Nneka and a host of others!!!

Also, between, we’d be sharing a lot of goodies for all our Nigerian fans and those in Daispora…not forgetting the introduction of a whole new section, filled with those things you wanna hear or probably read, but won’t like to be heard saying or talking about.

It’s the WILD BLACK CHILD BLOG people, see y’all in a bit!!!

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  1. Thanks i am very grateful,please can you help change something on your blog ?Nigeria’s next super model is its 4th season.Thank you so much.


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