Away From Public Eye, MJ’s Children Take A Break in Hawaii

Posted on June 26, 2010


With very much of their lives hidden from the world except public appearances with their faces veiled or disguised by masks. Now, one year after their father’s death, Michael Jackson’s children have been enjoying their first proper holiday free from the bizarre restrictions the singer put in place. Splashing around, smiling and joking, they could be any children making the most of summer.

MJ’s mum recently revealed that his heirs have no friends, but will attend school for the first time in September after previously being taught at home. Jackson’s final resting place at Forest Lawn in Glendale. California, about 500 fans filed past barricades on to get close to the mausoleum where Jackson is interred on the anniversary. Some wept, while some carried bouquets; others were armed with cameras to document the moment.

Members of the Jackson family arrived at the cemetery Friday afternoon, and brother Tito Jackson shook the hands of a few waiting fans.

In Gary, Indiana, Jackson's hometown, hundreds of fans began gathering in the afternoon for a tribute at the family home; Jackson's mother, Katherine, was in the city for the event. Katherine unveiled a monument to the Smooth Criminal singer outside the home where the legendary Jackson 5 began their singing career 50 years ago.

On Twitter, RIP MJ was one of the most popular topics. Mariah Carey said she was marking the day by watching the video to You Are Not Alone.

‘Love and prayers to MJ King of Pop’ Carey tweeted. ‘You will be remembered forever. We miss you.’

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