Kekewa Makeover: Beauty indigenously defined!

Posted on January 19, 2010


Established in 2007,Kekewa(meaning beauty in Hausa), has been a makeover brand that has established a niche with a reputable Nigerian based clientele. Founded by Morenike Bolujoko,a.k.a. Renique, a beautiful and passionate young Nigerian female,she remembers tieing down her sisters and friends for facial experiments. Renique (as she prefers to be addressed) links passion for makeovers to her desire to find the beauty within people and paint their exterior accordingly.

Here, Renique gives us her quick-fix makeover tips, for feeling beautiful with simple yet intricate techniques.

WBC: Can we meet you: Family and educational background)

Kekewa: Morenike Bolujoko a.k.a Renique was born in Nassara, Kano State but originally hails from Kwara state. I come from a Christian home,a family of six,my parents,a brother and two sisters.

WBC: How did “Kekewa Makeover” all begin and what does “Kekewa” mean?

Kekewa: I started doing makeup about 4 years ago.I used to tie down my friends and sisters and practice on them.They had no choice but drop their faces.I like to experiment with colours.Basically, passion is my driving force. Kekewa is an Hausa(a Nigerian language) word,it means beauty.Kekewa was launced 2007.

WBC: Why did you decide to amongst other aspects of fashion and beauty,specilize in makeover/make-ups?

Kekewa: I am passionate about the art of makeup.

WBC: What inspires your work? Is it your clients,your mood,time or the pay in question,lol?

Kekewa: I am inspired by my clients,what I see in magazines…it definitely not the pay..I practice all the time cos I wanna be up to date and brush up on my skills,you know. New tricks and tips keep coming.

WBC: What distinguishes you as a makeover artiste from every other makeover artiste around?

Kekewa: My focus with makeup and ultimate goal is to sharpen ones beauty.I like to enhance with makeup that makes sense.I like to bring out someones personality with makeup.I don’t make my clients feel like they have a mask on or look like a clown.I love people to look in the mirror and say “oh my God,I’ve never seen myself look like this before”.That to me is the ultimate height, more than money.I appreciate beauty that’s why I am in the business.I like to give a lot of honest and positive feedback about ones features,make them feel good about themselves.I also love to teach and educate,I drop one or two tips to my clients,teach them the basic things they need to know.

WBC: How do you describe your work as a makeover artiste and what does makeover entail?

Kekewa: I’m basically into bridal makeup,photography/video makeup and fashion makeup e.t.c and I intend to go into special effect makeup in due time.

WBC: Can we have a run down of past,present and future works Kekewa has up it’s sleeves?

Kekewa: I have participated in fashion shows,exhibitions,worked with wedding bells magazine.I work with Zai magazine as a beauty editor.I have worked with models and designers like Gravido,Ore Apparels,Feron,Omie Selections,Rev.Dele George of Little Saints Orphanage for an inspirational magazine,Mtn Face(Mrs.Ayoola Olufunmilayo Browne-Shyllon.I’ve worked with makeup artists like Bayo Haastrup,LISE(Eni Balogun) to mention a few.

WBC: How do you get your jobs?

Kekewa: I get jobs from previous jobs,you know..Previous clients refer people to me.I get jobs on facebook,from adverts that I post in magazines and on the internet.

WBC: How many digits do you earn on a average from this?

Kekewa: I am not telling,lol.Typically,all rates depend on the type of job and number of hours.

Jamati: What do you think about men and makeovers;Is it also a masculine thing?

Kekewa: It is not about sexuality,it is about looking great.Men also get their makeup done..nah,its not what you are lipstick/eyeshadow.Lol.

WBC: How do we access Kekewa.Any contact details?

Kekewa: You could contact me on facebook; Renique Bolujoko
Business number-08074081525

WBC: As a Beauty Editor,can you give divas out there a simple quick-fix makeover tip for the Yuletide Season?

Kekewa: Drink lots of water,play up a feature you feel is your best.Take care of your brows,it gives more eyelid space,gives an instant eyelift and defines the frame of your face.Don’t forget to use sunscreen. moisturize and moisturize and moisturize.

WBC: What should we look forward to seeing Kekewa Makeover in 2010?

Kekewa: You should look forward to lots of surprise.Kekewa would be playing with lots of colours,creativity,ideas,faces e.t…so you should wait and be ready to be blown away.

WBC: Give us a sign-in statement to begin 2010 and a shout out to your loved ones.

Kekewa: Wishing you a Fab new year! I wanna shout out to the publisher of ZAI magazine and crew members,my friends Amaka Ebinum,Funke Ajomale,My family,Lise,and Jamati.

WBC: Thank you for hanging out with Jamati Online,we wish Kekewa Makeover the very best in the year 2010 and further.

Kekewa: My pleasure,thank you very much.