Jamati catches up with the “Model Citizen”-Nenna Yvonne.

Posted on January 19, 2010


Growing up in a small apartment house in Queens, New York,Nenna Yvonne at an early age discovered she had a natural gift for music. At 14 she decided that she wanted to devote her life to music. She had her heart set out to study music – so while attending La Guardia High school of Arts, she learned to write and compose music in various genres and languages including German, French, and Italian. At 19 she partnered up with DTox,her now producer and manager (whom she credits for much of her development as an artist and soon to be released first album project).

This 21 year old Nigerian born diva takes Jamati Entourage ‘Seun Johnson,on a journey through her music career,her experiences and her soon to be released debut album titled “Model Citizen“. Recently she received an honorable mention from the VP and Editor-in-Chief for Billboard magazine.
Jamati: How did music all begin for you?

Nenna: My interest in Music began in grade school when I sang the lead for a recital.

Jamati: How were you able to combine music and school,and what were your parents initial opinion about it?

Nenna: Hard work and dedication. My parents have always been supporters of the Arts.

Jamati: You sing,write songs,model,and you’re an enterpreneur.What else do you do?

Nenna: I can walk a tight rope off the empire state building..(joking) but I also write poetry.

Jamati: Have you ever wondered how much you’ve achieved at 21.What can you attribute these successes to?

Nenna: Supportive Friends and Family.

Jamati: What’s working and being managed by D-Tox been like?

Nenna: He’s been super supportive and an amazing producer.

Jamati: You’ve been outta Nigeria for like all your life.How do you relate with home and do you intend visiting anytime soon?

Nenna: I’ve been to Nigeria multiple times. I relate with people everywhere and hopefully I can do a live show there soon.

Jamati: You’re often compared to renowned singers like Neyo,Whitney Houston,Britney Spears…how does that make you feel?

Nenna: It excites me and I’m appreciative that I am being compared to veterans of Music.

Jamati: You have plans of releasing your debut album titled “Model Citizen”.Can you tell us more about this album…what inspired it’s title,who will you be featuring,number of tracks,the behind-the-scene experiences,etc.

Nenna: We’ve got features from Lady Gaga’s Producer Space Cowboy, Hip Hop Legends Mobb Deep and few undislosed names. But most importantly,6 great songs and a lot of emotion and growth as an artist. The production and vocals convey strength and power and that’s who I’ve become as a Nigerian Woman growing up In the States! I’ve learned a lot and I’m excited to share the experience with the World. I have A Model Citizen Campaign on the way, radio interviews posted on my MySpace Page and tons of great new photos and poems on my Music page as well. The inspiration for this experience came from months of writing and listening and just observing. A lot of credit is owed to my manager Dtox for taking the time to develop and mould my artistry.

Jamati: The music industry is filled with multi-platinum record holding artistes with billions of fans world wide,how do you feel entering this same industry?

Nenna: Excited to share the stage and anxious to get on stage in front of potential fans!

Jamati: How do you see your music affecting the lives of people?

Nenna: My passions for music will become my passion for any other works I take on as an artist.It doesn’t stop with the music. Hopefully my gift will act as a catalyst to working with those who have achieved great success through other forms of media in hopes to achieve unity and strength in this world.

Jamati: What’s the secret to your good looks and stunning vocals?

Nenna: Genetics! African women rock!

Jamati: What makes Nenna Yvonne tick?

Nenna: My love for Family,Music and God creations.

Jamati: What advice would you like to give young aspiring females around the world who seem lost in their dream to doing their own thing?

Nenna: My advice to all female who aspire to have more and never settle is just that! Set short term goals for yourself and realize that no one can work as hard for you as you can for yourself.Lots of prayer and humility goes a long way too.

Jamati: Who’d you like to give a shout out to?

Nenna: Shout out to Dtox- A true friend and Supporter! Without him none of this is possible.

Jamati: Jamati Online wishes you the best in all you do this New Year.

Nenna: Thanks Jamati! Happy New Decade!

5 Fun Facts About Nenna

– Her favorite food is African food and Indian food….she leaves us guessing?

– She loves going to the beach!For you all who wanna hook up,lol.

– She writes everyday on her blackberry…songs and poetry obviously.

– She’s met quite a few celebs…a long list you bet!

– She really feels cool to know she shares the same music interests as some major acts you might know.

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