The Entourage Diary Premeires With The Lady First.

Posted on November 9, 2009


Mazuba KapambweMazumba Kapambwe,a Zambian born-New York based writer enthusiastically bares it all has she switches tables with ‘Seun Johnson(Wild Black Child) and gets interviewed;unlike her usual role of being the interviewer.

She takes us on an interesting journey from her early writing years to her meeting with her role model,Nonhle Thema. This “Afropolitan” has she calls herself,is building a portfolio which will in years to come,storm her generation. More insight into her plans for the future are also shared in this interview.Follow me,with the ladies first culture,has we premire The Entourage Diary.

WBC: Can we meet you?(Family and educational background)

MAZ: My name is Mazuba Kapambwe but I’m more used to people calling me “Maz” because no one could really pronounce my name .I could actually count how many people call me Mazuba. And forget Kapambwe.People twist it up so much I’m almost forgetting how to say it
Education:Well I did my kindergarten and 1st grade in Silver Spring,DC (I was born there).Then I moved to Germany (Bonn) and did 2nd grade there .Then I moved to Zambia (my country) in 1996 and did 3rd grade to first term(semester ) of 9th grade.
Then I moved to Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia and did my high school there.I then came to NY and am still in university (Junior Year).So Ive been to lots of different schools.

WBC: How and when did you start writing?

MAZ: I would say I started writing probably when I was 6.My 2nd grade teacher used to read to us at story time and I would be so mesmerized by stories of “Winnie The Pooh” that I just started writing.I wrote a story about a princess when I was 7 and my dad used to read to me and my sisters before bed and tell us stories from Zambia.So that’s how it begun.

WBC: Can you give us a run-through of people you write for and other things you’ve accomplished?

MAZ: Well so far Ive written for my high school paper (IB Life) ,my previous college paper (The Viking news) and .I have written for celebrity vibes section and for my own blog.Obviously I write for Jamati on a wide range of topics from interview write-ups / etc.I do hope to write for MIMI magazine,Clutch,,Sesi magazine and of course Arise .

WBC: How do you cope with being in school and being a writer?

MAZ: Being in school and writing/blogging/pitching /finding time to interview celebs and attend events can definitely be very challenging in terms of being able to find a balance .I will be honest and say I find myself drafting possible articles when I’m in a boring lecture class sometimes,but for the most part ,its all time-management.I try to write most of my stuff over the weekend so I can be in school-mode during the week.But I do get inspired at the weirdest times (3am in the sometimes !

WBC: Where do you get inspirations to write from?’Coz as a writer myself,sometimes you just don’t know what to write on next.

MAZ: You know for me,it was hard to find people to write about /stories to write about that related to Africa when I first started blogging/writing because there didn’t seem to be many outlets where African artists etc where mentioned .But if you look ,you will find that there is always a story.So I’m always reading blogs.websites/magazines..even CNN has a program called “African Voices” .And facebook is great for discovering new African artists/actors etc.

WBC: What genre of writers do you belong to?

MAZ: I wouldn’t say I belong to a particular “genre” of writers.I obviously now write more African related articles but I’m a college student so I can write about college,I can write about fashion /movies etc and have before so I really don’t limit myself.I have studied writers styles like Chopin /Shakespeare but I’m just ME i guess.

WBC: Which of your write-ups is your favorite(s)?

MAZ: To be honest Ive never considered what my favorite article I did was so far.Ask me in a few’m still trying to find my style and be a better writer but Im pretty proud of my portfolio so far.But as I said before.I would Love to write for more magazines like Arise.that would probably be my favorite article.I would frame it up in my dorm room!

WBC: Who’s your ideal man?

MAZ: Ideal man?lol..well since you asked….I cant date someone who is too much like me because I’m stubborn .But he cant be too much of a nice guy coz then I would walk all over him and then feel guilty.But he definitely has to be supportive of me in terms of my career choices..he doesn’t have to read my articles but if he did,that would be great.But I’m with someone who is very close to my “ideal” guy so..that’s all I will say.Cant give names or

WBC: What advice would you give young writers like yourself,especially those who want to make money from it?

MAZ: Young writers should definitely have the passion for it because when you start out,you really don’t get paid or make that much money from it because you have to prove yourself .But I would say know your reader and don’t just stick to one genre of writing.Keep reading other people’s work and intern so you can know what Type of writer you want to be..freelance,section writer for a magazine ,entertainment writer?etc…all of that?And when you have writers block,just know its part of being a writer.Learn stuff like photoshop, html, etc., because these days,being a “writer” isn’t enough.start your own blog as well because most mags are folding now and are going online so you probably will be writing for online magazines .

WBC: Who is your role model?

MAZ: People who read my blog will know that Nonhle Thema ,host of V Entertainment on Vuzu is my role model.Shes an awesome mentor who gives me great advice and encouragement.If I can achieve even half of her success,I would be satisfied.

WBC: Describe Mazuba in 5 words.mazuba

MAZ: Five words?well ill say I’m a creative ,go-getter type person.Maybe you should describe me Olu(WBC). Its interesting to see how others perceive me.

WBC: I’m I permitted to call you Afrocentric; your love for your descent(Africa)is overwhelming.How did you get to this point and how have you been able to persevere in a not so conducive environment?

MAZ: I would call myself “Afropolitan” which is a term coined by Taiye Tuakli-Wosornu.I think that being African in a foreign country makes you feel even prouder to be African because it sets you apart .But ever since I discovered that a lot of people have no clue that Africans don’t have lions as pets and that we are a Continent with 53 nations that have so many different tribes and cultures,that’s when I knew I had to do something to educate people.So my friends and I started Club Africa alive at my previous college at from that point on,I feel like I’ve become an African ambassador.And because I have had the chance to go to school with so many people from all parts of Africa (Mozambique,Rwanda,Namibia,Cameroon.Ethiopia etc) ,I feel like I’m a mix of all these beautiful countries and its only right to promote Africa.

WBC: What do you like most about Africa or being African?

MAZ: I love that we are a people who are so diverse ,yet we are also the same in so many ways.Like we speak different languages but sometimes you can hear the similarities in some words.I love that we are blessed with rhythm.No one can shake their hips better than us.We have the best food.(hello Injera!) and great music.And of course we are the birth place of civilization.How awesome is that?

WBC: Who’d you wanna send a shout out to?

MAZ: Omg, If I wrote out all my shout outs it would take like a whole blog to do.But I would thank everyone who has supported me by reading my articles/blogs etc..watching the Jamati videos on the channel etc.that includes my family/my worldly friends,mentors,professors/ club Africa/Jamati family etc…I cant say names coz I don’t want people to get mad at me for not mentioning them.

WBC: Where do we get to read more of your writings and see your works?

MAZ: Jamati is the place to go and stay tuned for more once I get my work published in Arise , Clutch etc.And my blog and of course The Jamati Entourage Diary Blog

WBC: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

MAZ: Future? Well I do hope to graduate , get my BA and then get my masters at NYU ,then work for some PR company in NY, own my own magazine, be an entertainment host for the Africa Channel, MTV Base Africa, JAMATI…maybe have guest spots on Channel O ,write TV shows, freelance for other mags,work with charities,start a clothing line…then way down the line (7, 8 ,9 years from now): marry someone who loves me and vice-versa ,have kids…i already have the names ; Africa Malaika, Neeyah/Niala and Pharoah Marley…lol. And obviously interviewing more african celebs.I want to interview Corneille, Akon , Iman etc…but I really feel for my age,that Ive already accomplished meeting some great people like Nonhle,Van Vicker, etc.

WBC: If you had one wish,what would it be?

MAZ: One wish? For everyone I love to live forever and never get old.

WBC: Thank you Mazuba Kapambwe for hanging out with me (This will also be on The Wild Black Child blog), look forward to writing great things about you in the nearest future.

MAZ: Thanks so much…I had a great time answering the questions. Really made me think.