Folarin ‘Flo’ Jackson: The Fresh Prince from Kentro World.

Posted on October 12, 2009


FloFolarin Jackson, popularly known as ‘Flo’, a member of one of Nigeria’s most sensational and ground breaking hip hop brands “Kentro World“, had a lot to say in this interview with The Wild Black Child.

Presently on a tour in the USA with Olu Maintain,the definitively good looking dude and addict of Louis Vuitton and Gucci designers lets us in on his music career, his ”unexpected” ideal woman, and his plans for the future. He also talks about the next big thing we’re to expect from the Kentro Crew.

Jamati: Background(family and education)

I am the first of two kids (boys) and I did my primary and secondary school in Lagos state (Command Children and Air Force secondary school respectively). I have a diploma from the University of Ibadan, and just enrolled in an aviation school in the USA to pursue mychildhood dream of becoming a pilot.

Jamati: How did you start your music career?

Growing up as a kid I always had a passion for music and rap with friends in high school, but started professionally about seven years ago with a group called HYPROFILE which I formed and funded with a brother and long-time friend, Abby Abuede a.k.a. STEEL.

Jamati: Was there Flo before the creation of Kentro world?

Yes, like I saidI have always been involved in music. I was behind the scene during the days of MAINTAIN, with friend Olumide Adegulu a.k.a. Olu Maintain.

Jamati: Who constitutes the Kentro world?

Kentro World is a powerful brand under Olu Maintain’s Reloaded Records. It consists of four uniquely talented gentlemen that were bolted as a team; Nathan ‘Krazy’ Bondo, Folarin ‘Flo’ Jackson, DJ Freaky T, Folusho ‘Fols’ Borbitey, with Mr. Olu Maintain ‘The King’ coordinating the group. The synergy the group has, has made a perfect mix of classic Afro-centric Rhythm and Afro Hip-Hop.

flo gucci

Jamati: What do you think really keeps you guys together as a group,despite individual differences?

The fear of God.

Jamati: From your stylish dress and appearance can we conclude that you’re a fashion freak?

Looking good is good business. As an artiste I need to portray the culture of a neat and responsible dress sense because you would be surprised at the number of people who look up to you.

Jamati: What have you done in the past and what do you intend doing in the future, outside Kentro world?

Charity–giving back to the society and the less privileged.

Jamati: How do you spend your time when you’re not doing music?

I like being on the internet, reading, or watching soccer.

Jamati: So,what is the next big thing the Kentro guys are going to unleash for their fans around the world?

As of the time this interview will be published, our album should be in stores so the next big thing from the Kentro world is releasing one of the brand new videos we shot in the USA.

Jamati: People have this notion that the Kentro guys are rival to the Mo’hits guys. How true is this?

A lot of people say that because of the crew factor, the Nigerian music industry is big enough [to handle it]. Kentro World has a lot to offer–we are new, and would just be dropping our first album. I don’t think we are rivals, I think we compliment each other. I enjoy their music and we are cool with ourselves.

Jamati: You’re presently in the UK. How often do you come home, and what do you really love about home?

I am based in Lagos, Nigeria and I’m presently in the USA on tour with Olu Maintain. I love Lagos, the people and the lifestyle -”eko oni baje o!!!”(Lagos Island won’t deteriorate o!!!)

Jamati: I’m sure you free style….lol,’cos Jamati Online won’t mind you dropping a few lines for us. Off the record too,so we don’t get billed, lol.

Of course I do …  hit me up when ever you want me to spit….lol.

Jamati: Did you have any childhood habit you were forced to stop?

Nooo, I was a sweet, sweet, obedient baby growing up! lol…

Jamati: Who’s your ideal woman?

This might sound cliche, but God-fearing and beautiful at heart.

Jamati: Favorite designer.

Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Jamati: Most cherished possession.

Family and Friends.

Jamati: Most expensive item.


Jamati: What’s that one thing you like about ladies?


Jamati: Your dream destination.

Thank God I have been to almost all the continents in the world. Hmmm, maybe outer space, Mars wouldn’t be a bad idea……

Jamati: So,where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur and affecting lives of young talented acts.

Jamati: What’s that thing no one else knows about Flo, except Jamati Online (listening, lol)

If i tell you now, everyone else would know so call me to find out. ….lol.

Jamati: Thank you for taking your time to run this interview with Jamati Online. We wish you all the best in life,and our regards to the Kentro crew.

Thank you and God bless.Keep the love coming…..Cheers!!!