Please Stand Up…..As ”NAIJA SINGS”!!!!!!!!

Posted on October 5, 2009


Naija singsIt all started some weeks ago with 14 contestants who performed different songs from all genres of music you can think of including Afrobeat, Fuji, Afro Juju, Naija classic pop, Naija contemporary hits, highlife as well as international R&B, soul and Motown classics.” Hot on the heels of M-Net’s versions of Survivor, Idols and Big Brother, comes the sizzling Reality series, a ‘never been done before’ competition for Nigeria’s brightest and boldest vocal talent! ”,allow me to re-introduce to you,NAIJA SINGS!
The show which aired every Saturday evening on M-net,a cable channel on DSTV captured not only millions of viewers around Africa,but a lot more around the world.Now,in case you missed any of the aired episodes of Naija Sings…..Sorry!!!!!!But hope you didn’t miss the grand finale?’coz if you did……..Sorry again!,’coz you missed the ”mother” of all reality shows.But not to worry that’s why you’ve got the Wild Black Child around..lolzzz
The grand finale of the 1st session of Naija Sings which was recorded on Nigeria’s Independence Day,October 1st was screened yesterday October 3rd,2009.The show which was gracefully anchored by Nigeria’s own Olisa Adibua did not take it’s usual turn as the atmosphere witnessed different sensations.It was one final show with multiple feelings and expectations;some people were anxious of who would be crowned the 1st ever ”Naija Singer”,some others were excited as they couldn’t wait to enjoy great music performances by guest artistes and the finalists.Not forgetting the thoghts that were also going through the minds of each of the three finalist.The three finalist as at the 1st of October were Tamara,Jon and Tarila.They however like some might pressume never strolled with ease into that position,as they worked ”tooth and nail” with 11 other contestants under the tothilage of a prominent Music Director,Kehinde Dascote Lawrence.For the records however,here is a list of the 14 contestants of  Naija Sings Session 1,2009(the folowing names are in no particular order) ; Tarila,Angelic Voices,Covenant,Jon,Manasseh,Tamara,Morgan,Ovie,Riola,Shim,Stev,Victor,Danniel Love………Write them out ‘coz you might be asked in your next current affairs test,lolzzzz.
Without taking much of your time,especially the time of those who never or didn’t really watch Naija Sings and it’s just concluded grand finale; just sit back,relax,don’t blink so don’t miss something real big and let the Wild Black Child take you through another ride of what will always remain in the minds of those who saw it like the 10 commandments on the  Stone Tablet.
An evening piled up with celebrity guest performance,brand new songs from the three finalists and a whole lot more is kinda approriate,but it was still a whole lot more than that.The show however kick-started with the ladies favorite,Jon opening  the floor with a song ”If there’s any justice in the world” by Lemar and as usual it was a killer performance which got tons of applauds from his ever faithful fans.His performnace was commended by Elvina Ibru and an anoymous chic who sat close to sauce kid.Next on the cue was Tarila who performed ”Holding back the years”.He was commended by Waje,a fresh talented Diva who’s taking the Nigerian music industry by storm and an anonymous audience.Next was Tamara who caught the attention and roar of the audience with her performance.The king of the Kentro Clan,Olu maintain was right on point to commend this beautifully dressed stunning diva followed by a male member of the audeince who asked her to blow a ”mighty kiss” which she did…..lolzzzz
Like the show was just gonna begin,the finalists also had to perform songs by their teaming Nigerian guest artiste.Jon teamed up with J.Martins to perform the hit track ”Good or Bad”.Comments surprisingly came from Jon’s Dad who came all the way from Abuja,Nigeria’s Federal Capital Teritory.Also surprisingly but respectful Jon salutes his Dad with ”Good Afternoon Sir”……..lolz.Terila and GT the Guitar Man were next on cue singing ”Truely” a song by GT.He got comments from his Sister who brought family greetings and support.Ofcourse, next online was no one but Tamara and Faze,one of the trio from the R’n’B group Plantashun Boiz,singing ”Kpokpo De Kpokpo”.Definitely with a vocalist like Faze,nothing else should be expected than pure delievery and that was what the audience got from Tamara.Also getting family love and support she was commended by her Sister.
Still on this all time ride,Jon,Tarila and Tamara perform their self composed new songs each,never been heard before and promising to rock top music charts after the show.They songs which were produced by Dr. Frabz were just tight and on check!
Jon first launched his new song ”We do” with extracts of his lyrics- ”this one na gbedu,rock to my gbedu”.Followed by Tarila who sang ”tantilize” and then lastly,Tamara,who dedicated her song ”stand” to all the ladies.The end you might wanna say,but before we knew it,we were all rolling on the floor with tears dropping down our eyes all in the name of laughing out loud!We were shown the Top 10 worst singers who auditioned for Naija Sings.Imagine an elderly woman,probably a grand-mother,what in the world was she thinking?lolz and other funny one’s too.The nights’ performances was however rounded-off with a special delievery from Wande Coal.Choosing from his hit tracked album,he performs ”Ololufe” followed by ”You Bad” with SID,making the audience go gaga..lolz.
Now,it’s the heart-pounding segment.The time when the viewers’ votes get to be annouced and the winner declared.With the best hands on ground,Alexzander forbes presents the envelope which has the name of the 1st winner of Naija sings. And the WINNER IS….with obvious tensed up anticipation in the eyes of the three finalists…….AND THE WINNER IS……(silence)…J…O….N….and he breaks down in joy as the stage is given a stampede by fans and well-wishers.The 1st winner of Naija Sings Session 1,2009 therefore does the honors by performing again his new track which would be released for public consumption in a couple of weeks time.
Immediately,the reward,a cool USD 100,000 cheque and the opportunity of a lifetime…the chance to join some of Africa’s biggest names and to perform at the 2009 Channel O Music Video Awards were given to the Abuja based Jon Ogah……….Joining the millionaires club sure is a dream come true for this young dude….sure you’d agree with me.
Here are some video clips of Naija Sing Performances……..Have fun y’all,it’s the Wild Black Child babe!!!!!!!!!!!

Announcing the winner!

Jon Performs his new song

Tamara teaming up with Faze

GT the Guitar man and Tarila

Jon and J.Martins performing

Tarila performing his new song

Tamara performing her new song.