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Posted on September 18, 2009


It’s anotheThe Black Wild Childr blogging opportunity again…..Whoa!!!Another chance to bring news,info,details,experiences,lifestyles,cultures and the likes to everyone around the globe.Some people might find my blogs name”,The Wild Black Child”,some what confusing,especially to the content of this blog.But I’d expatiate and give you a brief on what it means.

“The Wild…”,simply refers to my enthusiasm,driving force,passion and vision for whatever I do.I’m always into it with all have got.A wild cat will definitely exhibit wild traits,the extraordinary character that crosses boundaries and imaginations.

“….Black….”,referring to an acknowledgment of my descent- AFRICA!

I want to bring Africa to the world in my own little way.No matter what I do,where I go and whom I meet,something in me asides from my beautiful colour,has to manifest my Africaness (permit me to say).

“…..Child”,simply refers to my willingness to always learn.Like children,you learn eagerly,willingly and easily.It’s what I must do to always develop and not be stale.Knowledge like they say is power.And the right knowledge at the right time,is extraordinary power at one’s disposal.

So,basically the whole essence of my life and blog are carved around these words,which are all the products of God.Therefore,I’m of God and from Him.

Expect anything from this blog.Why you might ask?But would you prefare to get knowledge from a particular aspect of life?Definitely Not.So let’s diversify and spread our tentacles!

Always feel free to share any information with me.No matter who you are,where you come from, where you’ve been to,what you want to be,how you want to be what you want to be.Let’s reason and share together,and celebrate ourselves as citizens of the World.

So,see you all around!!!!!!!!

‘SEUN JOHNSONThe Wild Black Child.

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