Doyinsola Ogunye treads a rare path all for the love of her country.

Posted on September 18, 2009


Kids Clean ClubDoing things that would rarely be found among her female or male counter-parts, this energetic, fun-loving, passionate and patriotic young Nigerian was caught in the act by ’Seun Johnson doing what she knows to do best…..because she loves Nigeria!!
She is a lawyer-in-the-making and an environmentalist with thoughts of her fellow man at heart.This was actually evident during our conversation,as I almost lost track of time talking to her.She takes us on a journey through her non-governmental organization,her passion,her plans for the future and why she decided to take this “solo course”.She is no other person than Doyinsola Ogunye of Kids Clean Club.

WBC: Can we meet you?Give us your family and educational background.

My name is Doyinsola Ogunye.I’m from a family of six(6),I have three sisters and my parents.I went to primary school in Rhodes Nursery and primary school,Aunt Ayo International school,then I finished my secondary school education at Federal Government College,Lagos.And I am presently in the University of Lagos,a law student and in my 4th year.

WBC: You initiated the Kids Clean Club?


WBC: What were the reasons for venturing into this aspect of life and when exactly did you officially establish it?

OK,It all started when I moved from Ikoyi to Ajah.My area in Ajah is really dirty and the children run around in pants and stuffs like that.And I thought to myself, how can I change this,what can I do to change my environment.So I started talking to people,OK don’t throw things on the floor here and there,but their response was “they couldn’t help it”.So I started telling the younger children,and it was easier for them to adapt to the change.So I said,OK why don’t I tell a lot of children this thing so that when they grow it will be innate in them,they won’t do it subconsciously anymore.So that’s how it started.I actually wrote down my goals in November 21st,2007.I went out with some children to clean once in December 2008.Then it was full-fledged July this year when we planted trees for the Governor Babatunde Fashola initiative here in Lagos.Doyinsola Ogunye

WBC: You’re presently working on a project to construct the 1st Kids garden at Ajah(in Lagos).Can you tell us more about it?

The name of the project is “4,000 for 1,000″.This means that 4,000 people will donate N1,000 (a Thousand Naira) for the construction of our 1st garden which cost about 4 million Naira. The reason why we are doing this is because we want a lot of people to be “shareholders” in this 1st garden project.You know it’s easier to meet a philanthropist and collect N4 million and the person takes most of the accolade.But we want everybody to join hands in nation building.

WBC: To achieve this dream you’ve solicited for donations,what has been the response so far?

Basically, the response has been very good.I could say 80%,because a thousand Naira is something anyone can easily give out to people,especially when it’s for a noble course.People actually even want to give more than a thousand Naira,but sometimes we’re like,we just want a N1,000,so that other people can also have a chance to contribute to this course.

WBC: What do these donors get as a return to their donations?

They have benefits.First of all,donating a N1,000 to this course gives you access to the garden for three months and the garden has internet facilities.It’s like a haven for children,it’s a beautiful place that anybody would want to be in.And you can also be accompanied by two people within the three months access so that you don’t get bored.Also,there is a book called “4,000 for 1,000″ dedicated to the 4,000 people that donated a thousand Naira to this course and this would contain their names and pictures,and why they donated.So that when people see the book in 20-30 years from now,they will know that certain persons contributed to this course.There is also going to be a celebration of the 4,000,which is going to be marked alongside my birthday on the 26th of November.We are commissioning the garden on the 21 of November,but just a few people would be able to be there,so on the 28th I will host the 4,000 people.So basically,that’s it.

WBC: You said something about registering and paying to your representatives.Where and how can people access them?

Well,my church has been supporting me – Guiding Light Assembly.So every Sunday we are always in church from 12 noon – 4 p.m.So, you can come in to church,fill the form,take your picture and donate a thousand Naira.The church is located at Layi Ajayi-bembe street,Parkview Estate,Ikoyi Lagos. Then we are also on facebook (KIDS CLEAN CLUB) and twitter(kids clean club),so where ever we are you can always get updates.You can also listen for updates on Inspiration FM News.

WBC: So,basically to donate and register,donors have to appear personally?


WBC: Is this your 1st major project at Kids Clean Club?

Yes,this is the first major project.

WBC: How many gardens of this nature do you intend constructing in Lagos?

We’re looking towards constructing another 56 more gardens around the Local Government Areas in Lagos.

WBC: You are one of,if not the 1st young environmentalist Nigeria has ever witnessed.How come you didn’t tread sectors like showbiz,entertainment,fashion,business and the likes?

Well,basically I have a passion for Nigeria,that’s one.And I don’t like dirty places,so it actually made me more of an activist.Because when I see people throwing things on the floor and the likes,I get upset. So this is one of the things that drove me into the environmental sector.And again,areas like entertainment,showbiz,fashion,business and the likes,are filled with a lot of youths.

WBC: Why did you decide to involve kids?

Well,kids because it’s easier to teach them…..I’m not saying the elderly one’s are unteachable,but I have tried talking to one or two elderly ones,not to throw things on the ground,but they say “they can’t help it”.So to teach somebody that has been on earth for about 18-25 years could be actually difficult.

WBC: The club is actually for kids,so does that leave adults and youths out of it?

No,it doesn’t because the children need a mentor, people to look up to.The teenagers,ages 13 – 17 play supervisory roles to the children.They come to the garden,tell the children stories and so on.The teenagers also go for motivational classes to make them the best they can be.The adults too serve as matrons and patrons to the children and they also bear financial responsibilities as well.

WBC: Any future plans of taking Kids Clean Club projects outside Lagos State?

Yes.When we’re done constructing 57 gardens in Lagos,we will now expand,meaning that even in one local government area,we might have over 20 kids gardens.Then we will leave Lagos for Abuja,Kwara,and other states in the country.Later on,we’ll move outside Nigeria like Ghana,Togo,South Africa,Canada and the likes.

WBC: What best describes Doyinsola Ogunye?

(Smiling)Energetic,fun-loving,emotional,passionate and lots more.

WBC: Any challenges so far and how have you been able to cope?

Yeah,there have been challenges.Financial constrains most especially,because the funds are not coming in like  they’re suppose to.Like if they come in bulk,we will know we’re doing this and that.And also a lot of discrimination here and there.Some people say it’s child trafficking,child labor and things like that.And some other people are like it can’t work in Nigeria and I’m like,”don’t say it can’t work in Nigeria.If it can’t work,it can’t work.If it can work in any other part of the world,it can definitely work in Nigeria.

WBC: What has the support from home been like?

Well,my father donated a plot of land and that is the land  we will be using for the 1st garden.My mom is giving her support every step of the way,she has done so much in my life,physically,emotionally and the like.She prays for me everyday.And my sisters,some of them are not here,but they always call and get updated via facebook.

WBC: How do you combine this with school?

Well,school is on strike right now,so I’m using this opportunity to get the structure running.And I’m working with a team of graduates and undergraduates from ages 18 – 30.So when I’m back in school,I have graduates who don’t run 9 – 5,who don’t have white-collar jobs.I have them running this project while I’m in school.So,when I’m back I just do administrative work.

WBC: So,does that mean you have people on your pay-roll?

Yes I do pay.

WBC:Any other thing you would like to let us know?

Hmmm,well I don’t wanna say too much.But apart from the garden,there’re other projects we’re seriously working on.There’s the “Action Figure”,”Squeaky The Squirrel” – Squirrel,because it’s the cleanest ruddent from the mammalian family and male because a male squirrel finds time out to groom itself than the female.So there’s so much fun stuff.

WBC: Favorite quote.

My favorite quote is something I composed myself.”The first law of integrity is don’t  make a promise you can’t keep.If you know you can’t do it,don’t say it.”

WBC: Words of advice.

Everybody,I’d say be passionate about your country.This is our father land.And to the people who have been messing up the environment ,please for the love of God and for our sake don’t pee on the streets,don’t throw things on the floor and don’t insult the children.They are our future.And lastly,be positive!

WBC: Marital status.

I’m single,but in a relationship.

WBC: Anybody you wanna send shout outs to?doyin

(smiling) I want to send a shout out to my mom.I wanna tell her she’s been the best thing that has happened to me since she gave birth to me.To my friends in school and outside school,that have been supporting this project,’cos really I didn’t do it on my own. And also to my boyfriend,Godwin Tom,he’s always been there for me and Abiodun Kassim,he’s been a pillar,supporting me all the way.

WBC: Thank you Doyinsola for hanging out with us on Jamati Online,wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Thank you very much,God bless you.

For inquires,kindly call any of this numbers:
-Doyinsola Ogunye (Nigeria) 08033788641
-Abiodun Kassim (Nigeria) 07034646139
Malvina (UK) +447834523872
Abayomi Ayoola (Finland) +358445185730

For donors outside Lagos or who can’t make it to a KCC representative,
You can also pay to:(please keep your tellers)
Any GTBank branch-
Acct Name:Bag of ideas Limited
Acct No: 208751027110
…………………..because we love NIGERIA!!!