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Doyinsola Ogunye treads a rare path all for the love of her country.

September 18, 2009


Doing things that would rarely be found among her female or male counter-parts, this energetic, fun-loving, passionate and patriotic young Nigerian was caught in the act by ’Seun Johnson doing what she knows to do best…..because she loves Nigeria!! She is a lawyer-in-the-making and an environmentalist with thoughts of her fellow man at heart.This was […]

Welcome to my world.

September 18, 2009


It’s another blogging opportunity again…..Whoa!!!Another chance to bring news,info,details,experiences,lifestyles,cultures and the likes to everyone around the globe.Some people might find my blogs name”,The Wild Black Child”,some what confusing,especially to the content of this blog.But I’d expatiate and give you a brief on what it means. “The Wild…”,simply refers to my enthusiasm,driving force,passion and vision for […]